Rushed to a flight, he arrived at the Meyerson Symphony Center

Prabhas Says He ‘Has Been More Baahubali Than Himself In Five Years’Prabhas, who portrayed the role of Mahendra Baahubali in Baahubali 2, said that it was difficult from him to come out of the characterBaahubali 2: Tamil Film Producers Council Seeks Action Against PiracyA delegation of Tamil Film Producers Council met city Police Commissioner Karan Singha on Sunday seeking action against piracy of S S Rajamouli’s film Baahubali: The ConclusionOpinion: Should The Khans Be Afraid Of Baahubali 2’s Mega Success?The fact that Baahubali 2 would mint a massive amount of coin comes as a surprise to nobody at all. It is India’s widest ever releaseBaahubali 2 Is A Knockout Blockbuster. Can It Make 1,000 Crore?The Hindi version of S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Conclusion has exceeded expectations, setting new benchmarks that the Khans will likely be hard pressed to equalMore News On Baahubali the conclusion.

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