Finally got Cu Chulainn, as well as Rama and Elizabeth Bathory

You better reach into your Jeannes and pull out your wallet because she’s finally here

130 quartz and 7 tickets I think.New player Handbags Replica so even if I don get Jalter, cool 4 stars or non rate up 5 stars that I don have would be greatly appreciated too. Would like a Cu too since I only have the proto and caster versions.I probably edit my comment once I finish Replica Handbags my pulls. Hope everyone summons go well too!edit: Alright, IDK if anyone cares or sees this but this is my results!Okay, no Jalter. It fine. Honestly would been cool to get her, and I realised how small that 1% is, and how lucky I am to have started in Jan, and randomly pull both Jeanne (normal) and Orion in my first few months. Gonna treasure those two as cheap replica handbags my 5 stars, and I seen some people who played for hundreds of days and no 5 stars at all.Some good pulls however. Got NP5 wholesale replica designer handbags Medusa, Medea and Kiyohime which was pretty awesome and kinda unexpected since I was just clearing up my servants and seeing who I could NP up and those 3 could be levelled to NP5 (Kiyo was a last single pull after spending all my tickets and doing 4 multi pulls). Been told those 3 are pretty good 3 star> servants so I definitely level them up.Finally got Cu Chulainn, as well as Rama and Elizabeth Bathory. Cu a great lancer, and Rama and Liz are my first 4 stars for Saber and Lancer classes respectively. Also got Kid Gil, who I quite like since I think Gilgamesh is pretty cool.Also Rama is amazing since my ONLY other Saber is Caeser, who I got to NP4 today. Literally had to use Caesar aaa replica designer handbags only, and made him level 50 just to use, and for my support list.I had been searching for Cu Fake Handbags a lot, and was convinced he did not exist in the FP gacha. I didn have a trained up lancer at all due to waiting for Cu. I finally need a lancer to use, so just levelled a Leonidas I had, before taking a look at a Cu Proto I had, who actually had some okay skills. Didn realise it, since people just told me that normal Cu is better Proto, but didn have him so started levelling in Proto who turned out good. Got told about the upcoming Jalter event pretty soon and decided to save up what I could in that short amount of time. Didn roll anything but Friend Gacha and as a result KnockOff Handbags had to play with just my tutorial roll Servants, story given Servants and Friend Gacha Servants. I was lucky enough to get Liz during my tutorial roll and so a Designer Fake Bags team replica Purse consisting of her, replica handbags online Mash and Kiyohime carried me troughout the story up until today replica handbags china (though I currently replica bags stuck in Okeanos since Forneus keeps kicking my ass).Like you I figured that I wouldn have much chance at actually getting Jalter Replica Bags since I only manage to scrape together about 210 SQ from playing all the story and free missions I could do up to this point, but I would be happy with getting just some more Servants in general, some decent Fake Designer Bags CE (since the friend gacha ones are all worthless) and if I was lucky Designer Replica Bags maybe even a 4 or 5 star Servant.And man did I get lucky. My first and second rolls got Wholesale Replica Bags me yuri pirates and Beowulf respectively and while my third and fourth rolls didn get me anything purse replica handbags too special (except for some neat CE and Lancer Cu who I was also hoping for, since he apparently really hates the Friend Gacha) Replica Bags Wholesale I actually managed to pull Jalter during my 5th roll! Unlike with the previous two 4 stars the sparkles didn go gold, but I almost fell out of my bed when I saw that golden Avenger card.Still having 2 rolls left I went back Replica Designer Handbags to the Cu Alter banner and while my first roll there did get me anything special I actually managed to get him on my second (and final) roll!Is there something like beginners luck when it comes to this game?Tl;dr: New player saved up all his SQ since the beginning, rolled the (non friend) gatcha for the first time today and actually somehow managed to get 2 amazing SSR in one day with a mere 210 SQ. Probably accidentally sold my soul in my sleep or something.A Servant that exists only as the result of a madman wish. A simulacrum of that man disbelief that his god could possibly be so cruel as to kill his own saint.You are but a shadow, a stain that exists by the power of a demon tempting another to sin.Yet, there is such fury behind that steel. An ephemeral dream.You say you wish to prove that you are high quality replica handbags a true existence? That you wish to show the Saint that you are a true Servant.

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