Amari Stoudemire is a good player too

Compared with the normal camcorder, there is nature advantage of DSLR: the bigger censor. Take the Canon 650D as example, its censor size is 22.3×14.9, which means the 77 times of digital camcorder censor. When it comes to the full frame 5D Mark 3, the size of 36x24mm is the 200 times.

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AbstractDy/Dy is the measured value of Dy, a representative middle rare earth element (REE), compared with the value interpolated between La and Yb on a REE plot. It is essentially a measure of the ‘concavity’ of a REE pattern. The use of Dy/Dy as a proxy for REE pattern shape allows us to compare large amounts of REE data, which can be difficult using standard REE patterns.

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